Who was Sher Shah Suri ?

Who was Sher Shah Suri? Sher Shah Suri, also known as Sher Khan,  was the Emperor of India from 1539 to 1545. He established the Sur dynasty by dethroning Humayun, the Mughal emperor.

What was the original name of Sher Shah Suri? His original name was Farid Khan.

Why was Sher Shah Suri called the Lion King? Sher Shah Suri is known as Sher Khan or The Lion King because he one day killed a Sher or tiger single- handed.

When did Sher Shah Suri defeated Humayun and became the Emperor of India? Sher Shah had to begin his campaign against Humayun when the latter besieged the fortress of Chunar in 1531. The Afghan ruler Sher Shah Suri became powerful in Bihar and Bengal. In 1537, Humayun underestimating the strength of Sher Khan, moved against him. He was completely outmaneuvered and defeated at the Battle of Chausa (1539), and lost Bihar and Bengal. Also read, Early conflicts of Humayun and Sher Shah Suri.

In the following year, Humayun made a second attempt to subdue Sher Khan but was again defeated at the Battle of Kanauj (1540). Thereafter, Sher Khan assumed the title of ‘Sher Shah’ and became the Emperor of Delhi. Humayun was reduced to a homeless wanderer and eventually got asylum in Persia.

When did Sher Shah died? He died on May 22, 1545. Also read, Attack on Kalinjar fort and Death Of Sher Shah Suri.

Did Humayun returned after Sher Shah’s death? After Sher Shah Suri’s death, Humayun came back to India and captured Lahore, from the Afghan rebel governor, Sikandar Suri, in the Battle of Sirhind (1555). Thereafter, he moved on to Delhi and Agra and re-established Mughal rule in India.