Sat Na Gat Marathi Movie First Look

After award winning film ‘Deool’ and ‘Baharatiya’ Devisha Films Coming with Marathi film “SAT NA GAT” based on Rajan Khan’s famous novel .

  • Movie : Sat Na Gat
  • Produced By : Renuka Shankar Mitkari, Manoj Agrawal and Ramkumar Gugale
  • Directed By : Raju Parsekar
  • StarCast : Mahesh Manjarekar, Bharat Jadhav, Pakhi Hegde, Vaibhav Mangle and Sayaji Shinde
  • Release Date : 13th Septembar 2013

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Story : Rajan Khan had written the fiction ‘Sat Na Gat’ in the year 1992. Today, even after a spell of 20 years, the state of society has remained the same. That is why, this happening taking place in an era as old as 1992, leaves us utterly shaken even today. News of a police inspector committing a heinous rape over a poor Dalit woman right in the village Chief Minister hails from first appears through a weekly newspaper. The spicy news of Chief Minister’s village witnessing a brutal rape of a poor Dalit woman spreads like a wild fire through the Taluka, then through the district and ultimately through cities across the length and breadth of the Maharashtra state. Instead of helping that poor woman to get success she fully deserves a cheap politics is played about this while trying to capitalize on that dreadful happening in the social and political circle of the society at large. A completely realistic and psycho-social analysis of this disgusting reality has been made through the upcoming Marathi feature film, ‘Sat Na Gat’.