Sanjay Jadhav meets his idol

As we all know the cheerful gang of Marathi film industry celebrities have gone to Australia for MAAI MICTA and they all are seem to have a great time over there. While playing a cricket match in Australia, the little master Sunil Gavaskar happened to visit these celebs and all of them went gaga over him. Especially Sajay Jadhav, who worships Gavaskar as his idol.
Being a huge fan of cricket, renowned director Sanjay Jadhav couldn’t hide his happiness when he met Gavaskar. Sanjay Jadhav himself is a very huge cricket fan and never miss the chance to play cricket whenever he gets free time. Sanjay Jadhav didn’t miss the golden opportunity to take his autograph on his T-shirt and captured this fan moment to cherish forever. This MAAI MICTA journey seems to be the most memorable and special for the cricket lover Sanjay Jadhav.