Sairat Music Review: Mind Blowing!

First things first, I am not a music expert, neither am I trained in any form of music. But I have been a keen listener of songs in our films. Songs are an integral part of films made in our country. Back in the days when songs weren’t so easily available many films set the cash registers ringing only because of the hit songs. Though that may not be the case now, still you cannot deny the importanceof a well composed soundtrack for a film. There is no better way to promote your film than showing the songs on tv. This strategy was highly successful in promoting Fandry a couple of years back.
Now, the songs of Sairat have already become a rage among music lovers in the country. Ajay-Atul are by far the most popular composer duo in Maharashtra. They rarely disappoint their fans and I won’t mind saying they have exceeded expectation this time around.
Sairat from the promos can be figured out to be a love story based in rural Maharashtra. The soundtrack by Ajay-Atul has that earthy flavor of rural Maharashtra, especially in its lyrics and the way they have been sung, but the songs have been fabulously arranged to western classical orchestration. The first song Yad Lagla is my pick of the lot. The start has to have the most melodious flute piece I have heard in a long time. There is a tenderness to the whole song that accurately puts across the feelings of adolescent love. Ajay is at his best with his vocals here. For the second interlude, Ajay-Atul have composed a crescendo that doesn’t fail to give you goosebumps every time you listen to it. The song also has some very gentle and charming humming by Shreya Ghosal. Yad lagla is a complete winner and has to be one of the best they have ever composed.
Next in the album is the spunky Attach Baya Ka Bavarla. It has been sung by Shreya Ghosal, no less. But this is my least favourite of the four songs in the film. I have an issue with the rock inspired orchestration in the song. The beauty of the album is its inventiveness; there is a very fresh sound to it. However, the rock orchestration here doesn’t work for me and feels a little out of place and also typical. Shreya Ghosal is top notch as usual and there are moments in this songwhich are as good as any other song in the album. But as a whole the song is the least appealing in the line-up.
Then comes the stunningly beautiful Sairat Zhala Ji! It is the kind of song that raises the bar of the entire album. This is where Ajay-Atul exceed your expectation. Yes, they have been very capable composers, but this one just blows you over. For my money, this song has made Ajay-Atul one of the best composers in the entire country and not only Maharashtra. Sairat Zhala Ji also starts with a flute piece but there is a bit of a haunting melody here. The vocals star with Chinmayee Sripada’s sachharine sweet voice and then Ajay joins her with his inimitable earthy voice and takes the song to another level. The interludes here are just delightful. The second interlude led by flute is filled with such joy and warmth that you can’t hear enough of it. This is has to be the best song of the film.
Zhingat is the quintessential dance number that is Ajay-Atul’s trademark. The way they have mixed the folk rhythm with a very catchy tune is a stroke of genius. But the best part about this one is the lyrics credited to Ajay-Atul themselves. Sample this:
Aata utavil zhalo gudgha bashing bandhala,
Tujhya navacha me initial tattoo ne gondhala.
Haath bharun aaloya,
Lay durum aaloya,
Ani karun daadhi, bhaari perfume maarun aaloya,
Aga samdhya porat, lay lay zorat, rangat aaloya!

These lines are going to be all the rage this year. This is Kombadi Pallali level catchy song!