Sai Tamhankar’s unique craze of branded eyewear

Actress Sai Tamhankar the popular personality of Marathi Film Industry is most popular actor in the industry just because of her outstanding performance.  Sai Tamhankar is the first Marathi actress who got featured on the cover page of ‘FEMINA’ magazine not only once but twice. Sai’s movies are the perfect package of entertainment performance. Besides her performances Sai is the perfect choice as a favorite actress of every fan because she never disappoints her fans. Recently Sai has given a surprise birthday plan for her fan.  If we talk about fashion then she is on the top.  She always tried something different in fashion and she looks stunning in every style of fashion.
Sai has a perfect sense of fashion. Sai has a fetish for branded eyewear and never steps out without them. Her style statements are incomplete without eyewear. She considers them to be her most important accessory. Once Sai has decided on her outfit, her next part of dressing up is to find the shades to match her outfit. Sai has a huge collection of branded eyewear and she owns almost 50 pairs. In fact she collects eyewear and maintains a separate wardrobe only for her sunnies. Sai has always worn the latest brands and styles in eyewear.
Sai is often seen posting pictures with stylish eyewear on her Instagram account for her followers and this proves that she is absolutely in love with eyewear. Sai will keep charming everyone with her charismatic personality.