Rehabilitation at Odisha (Orissa) after Cyclone Phailin

The deadly winds of Cyclone Phailin crossed the coast of Gopalpur at the speed of 200kmpl. Heavy rainfall and strong windfall followed.

Priority: Though Indian authorities have effectively minimized the loss of lives due to Phailin Cyclonic Storms, rehabilitation of lakhs of people is of foremost priority.

Loss: The value of the crops destroyed due to Cyclone is being estimated to be more than 2400 crore rupees. Atleast 36 people have died.

Assurance: The Chief Minister of Orissa has assured that Rehabilitation work would be done.

Relief Package: The Odisha Government announced that they would resort to the provisions of ESMA Act against all the disturbing elements of the relief and rehabilitation process. The Government assured that families of severely affected areas would get Rs. 500 cash in addition to 50 kilogram of rice. The families in less affected areas would get Rs. 300 cash in addition to 30 kilogram of rice.

Active Rehabilitation: There is severe loss of property, livestock, houses and public property. Active rehabilitation of these people back to normal life is in the top priority list of the Government of Odisha.

Seek Assistance: The Odisha Government has sought Central Assistance of more than Rs. 1500 crore for rehabilitation of people of Odisha. The Government of Odisha would submit a detailed report on the extent of damage soon after the assessment.