Be Ready for ‘The Mukta Barve Show’ on ‘My FM’

In our society ‘Women’ are often considered as those emotional beings who meet us in the form of mother, daughter, sister, friend & wife. But along with the changing times the definition of the word ‘Women’ too is getting modified. Today’s women are not just supposed to be restricted within a boundary, today they are succeeding in all walks of life. ‘My FM’s upcoming radio show is a tribute to today’s women. And our very own Mukta Barve will be hosting this show.
Today’s women will get a platform to express their thoughts, ideas & their stories through ‘The MuktaBarve Show’. Mukta has always been known to create her own in acting as well producing. It’ll be exciting to listen to her approach in this show by ‘My FM’. This show is scheduled every Monday to Saturday at 12 pm in the western parts of Maharashtra.

G-Seams’ Kartik Nishandar needs to be credited for bringing Mukta on radio through this show. He believes this show will put forth many perspectives about women empowerment.