Rana-Anjali To Tie The Knot on 5th March! – Tujyat Jeev Rangala

Zee Marathi’s ‘Tujhyat Jiv Rangala’ has become the most popular Marathi serial currently. The beautiful love story of the simple-minded, good hearted ‘Rana’ & the smart school teacher ‘Anjali aka Pathak Bai’ has casted it’s magic on the audiences of Maharashtra. Recently after Ranada proposed Anjali for marriage, & she agreed, the proceedings have commenced towards their wedding! Both Rana (Hardeek Joshi) & Anjali (Akshaya Deodhar) have become ideal representations of two different lifestyles & sensibilities yet they are together, which is inspiring! On coming Sunday, 5th March we can watch the 2hr special wedding episode from 7pm to 9pm on Zee Marathi.
Rana lives in a small village nearby Kolhapur. Though his family is powerful, influential nothing of that reflects in Rana’s character or even lifestyle. He is a simple & truthful guy, who doesn’t understand the whole politics that surrounds him.  The whole of village is set for Ranada & Anjali’s wedding now. Anjali  on the other hand is a school teacher, an ideal representative of today’s women. She is strong & has complete belief in her values. The simplicity of Rana melts her heart & she falls head over heels in love with Rana!
Their relationship started with pure friendship & slowly blossomed into love. After getting married their relationship will definitely reach the next stage & so will the story of ‘Tuzyat Jeev Rangala’! However Nandita ‘Vahini’ – Dhanashri Kadgaonkar  is obviously not pleased with all this & she is planning her next trick! Will she make any attempts to stop this wedding? Will she succeed in executing her plan? Well we have to wait for the answers till Sunday! It’ll be exciting to see what happens now.

Rana belongs to a powerful & rich family. Their family has lot of influence in the village, however Rana-Anjali wedding won’t have any unnecessary display of power or wealth. So there won’t larger than life fireworks, lights or DJ music, as both Rana& Anjali believe in simplicity! So in a way the Rana-Anjali wedding will also give a social message of getting married in a simple way without all the unnecessary razzmatazz to all the audiences!

Exlcusive Photos Of Rana & Anjali’s (Pathak Bai) Marriage :