Rajiv Gandhi National Park (Nagarhole National Park at Karnataka)

Rajiv Gandhi National Park, also known as Nagarhole National Park, is situated in Kodagu and Mysore districts in Karnataka. The Park extends over an area of 644 sq km.

In Kannada, Nagarhole literally means “snake river”. The park therefore derives its name from the Snake River meandering through the forests.

Connectivity: Kutta is the nearest town which is 7 km from the park. The nearest railway station is a Mysore which is 90 km away from the park. The nearest airport is Bangalore at a distance of 220 km. A part of these forests were once the hunting preserve of the erstwhile Maharaja of Mysore.

Forests: The Rajiv Gandhi National Park falls in the tropical zone. Its forests are evergreen, moist deciduous and dry deciduous. The terrain here is gently undulating through which several perennial rivers and seasonal streams flow. Park has many water tanks. The tropical forests, lush green swamps and many water sources make this park a wonder and favorable habitat for diverse wildlife.

Fauna: The main fauna of the park are tiger, wild dog, leopard, elephant, sloth bear, jungle civet, flying fox, barking deer, gaur, hare, jackal, pig, langur, mongoose, pangolin, otter, sambar, chital, squirrel, etc. The birds found here are eagles, babbler, bulbuls, parakeets, hornbills, myna, storks, warblers, peckers, etc. Reptiles found here are common crocodile, cobra, crocodile, python, lizard, etc.

Best Season: October to March is the best period for visiting the Rajiv Gandhi National Park. Rest houses, lodges and tented camps are available in the park.