Radha Hee Baawri New Marathi Serial On Zee Marathi

Radha Hee Baawri New Marathi Serial On Zee Marathi
Serial – Radha Hee Baawri (राधा ही बावरी)
Cast – Shruti Marathe,Sharad Ponkshe,Saurabh Gokhale,Kavita Medhekar,Amol Bawdekar
Written & Directed by – Viren Pradhan
Channel – Zee Marathi
Starting Date – 24 December 2012
Show Time – 7.30Pm Monday to Saturday
असं म्हणतात, प्रत्येक स्त्रीमध्ये एक आई दडलेली असते. तशीच प्रत्येक स्त्रीमध्ये एक राधा दडलेली असते. राधा म्हणजे भाबड्या, निरागस, निरपेक्ष प्रेमाचं प्रतीक ! आपल्या प्रत्येकीच्या मनात दडलेली हीच राधा आता झी मराठीवर येतेय एका नव्या मालिकेतून– या मालिकेचं नाव आहे राधा ही बावरी – तेव्हा, पाहायला विसरू नका, राधा ही बावरी – २४ डिसेंबरपासून सोमवार ते शनिवार संध्याकाळी साडेसात वाजता – फक्त आपल्या झी मराठीवर…
Zee Marathi is bringing to Maharashtra a fresh wave of love and romance with Radha Hee Bawree. It is the journey of exploring the emotions that a woman undergoes when she experiences love in its most purest and sincere form.
It is about Radha, an independent, self reliant woman who is taken by surprise when love happens to her in the most unexpected and passionate form. Radha, a successful gynaecologist, is self made and has a fledging career. Owing to her professional commitment and her very guarded personal life, she has never opened to the prospect of love and a relationship fructifying into marriage. People around her wonder who will melt her heart and color her life with love.
Tuen in to Zee Marathi and travel with Radha on her journey to find love. Unravel the colors of love with Radha Hee Bawree starting 24th December every Mon-Sat at 7.30 pm only on Zee Marathi.