Poem: Happy Father’s Day

I remember when you gifted me a bicycle and taught me how to ride,
then you removed the learning wheels and left me by myself and I cried.
And you said ‘You must learn.’

I remember when I couldn’t pronounce ‘M’, you made me practice all night until I perfected my ‘M’,
and look today I’m trying to pen down a poem.

I remember when you taught me tie my shoelaces and later knot my tie,
but being your stubborn kid I never learned because I always knew you’ll be there when I give you an eye.

I know all the uncanny wishes I make,
but you make it a point to fulfil them and not break.

I know all the chaos I create at home,
and yet you let me dictate my terms as if I’m sitting on an iron throne.

You have seen me crawl, rise and fall, and rise again.
Dad, your actions have taught me ‘Toughest the situations, toughest we must be’

I know you’ll always be there for your dear, 
following your rightful path I’ve nothing to fear.

Wishing all the Superman’s a very ‘Happy Father’s Day’

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