PM Modi: Our Government is working with ‘spirit of service’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his reply to the debate on motion of thanks to President’s address in Lok Sabha; highlights the achievement of his Govt in the last 55 months in comparison to 55 years of Congress rule; says Opposition is hungry for power, while his Govt. is working with the spirit of service to fulfill people’s aspirations.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi hit back at the Congress over the Rafale issue, as he alleged that the Congress did not want the Indian Air Force to be strong. Replying on motion of thanks to President’s address in Lok Sabha, Prime Minister took potshots at attempts to cobble a grand alliance of opposition parties to take on the BJP, saying people do not want a “Mahamilavat”.  PM also contrasted the 55 months of his govt at the Centre with 55 years of Congress rule in the past.

Responding to the debate on Motion of Thanks on the President’s address in Lok Sabha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave an account of the work done by his govt.

In his nearly 90 minutes long address, PM Modi spoke on how his govt took the country out of the morass of despondency and charted a course towards a New India. Taking on the Congress for its opposition to the Rafale deal, PM accused it of trying to weaken the Indian Air Force.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi pointed to the various defence scams that emerged in Congress govts, saying no defence deal was untouched by the culture of kickbacks, a culture that has been replaced by transparency. In defence deals, he also gave details of his govt’s anti-corruption drive.

Taking a swipe at the Congress for alleging weakening of institutions, PM said ‘Ulta chor Chowkidar ko daate’…meaning ‘the pot is calling the kettle black’.

PM also questioned the opposition’s narrative on Election Commission and EVMs.

Comparing his govt’s 55 months tenure with 55 years of Congress govts, PM said : While Congress govts gave 12 crore gas connections in 55 years; His govt gave 13 crore gas connections in 55 months. He said while only 50% population got bank accounts in 55 years of Congress govts, his govt has taken the coverage to nearly 100% of the population.

He said that in 55 months his govt has electrified all villages and will soon electrify all households and has built 1 crore 30 lakh houses.

Taking on the opposition ‘mahagathbandhan’, PM described it as ‘mahamilavati’.

PM said that fugitive economic offenders are feeling the heat in his govt with stringent laws enacted by his govt.

Responding to opposition criticism on surgical strikes, PM said Congress govts could not conceive surgical strikes because they had kept the armed forces deprived of basic requirements like bullet proof jackets which were fulfilled by his govt.

Prime Minister sought to drive home the message that for his govt national interest is supreme and it is working assiduously to build a New India.

Rejecting allegations of rising unemployment, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said crores of new jobs have been created in formal and unorganised sectors including transport, hotels and infrastructure.