Photos : Marathi Stars Ganpati festival celebration 2015

Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival to celebrating the birthday of our Bappa. Ganpati has arrived and As everyone knows the importance of this festival people love to work for him at any busy schedule.
Like every common people celebrities also involved in this festival. Most of the actors used to have Ganesha and pujas at their home. They have been celebrating Ganesha’s festival over the years.
Many actors has taken a break from their shoot, just for bappa. Worshiping of god, making sweets like modak,pedha,puranpoli at home, collecting decorative stuff for Ganesha’s makhar are all that things that brings happiness at home. For celebrities it is time to give credit to bappa for what they are having right now just because of his blessings.
There are number of celebrities who has been wishing their fans on the social platforms with their selfie with their Bappa. Fans are enjoying watching them and after acting skill they again started feel proud about their devotion of god.
Celebrities shared their memories of this festival. Take a look at pictures you will notice some things like we mentioned.
Aadesh-Suchitra-Bandekar Vaibbhav-Tatwawdi-Ganpati-Celebration Abhijeet-Khandekar-Ganpati-Celebration
Devadatt-Nage-photo-with-god-ganesha Amruta-Khanvilkar-Ganpati-CelebrationHemant-Dhome-Kshiti-Jog-Ganpati-Celebration
Kedar-Shinde-Home-Ganpati Kedar-Shinde-GSB-wadala-ganpati Hruta-Durgule-Ganpati-Celebration-Photos
ketaki-Mategavkar-Ganpati-Celebration Kranti-Redkar-Ganpati-Celebration-Photos Kranti-Redkar-Photo-With-God-Ganesha
Tejaswini-Pandit-Ganpati-Celebration Madhuri-Dixit-Ganpati-Celebration-Photos Lata-Mangeshakar-Ganesh-Festival-Photo
Pallavi-Subhash-Ganpati-Celebration Manava-Naik-Ganpati-Celebration Piyush-Ranade-Ganpati-Celebration
Pooja-Sawant-Ganpati-Photo Prarthana-Behere-Marathi-Actress-Ganpati-Celebration Priya-Bapat-Umesh-kamat-Home-Ganpati
Shashank-Ketkar-Ganpati-Celebration Shreya-Bugade-Ganpati-CelebrationSharad-Kelkar-Marathi-Actor-Ganpati-Celebration
Sushant-Shelar-Marathi-Actor-Ganpati-Celebration-2015-Photos Siddharth-Jadhav-Paddy-Kambale-Selfie-With-Ganpati Suyash-Tilak-Ganpati-Celebration
Tejashree-Pradhan-Home-Ganpati1 Swapnil-Joshi-Ganpati-Celebration-Photo-With-Family

  • Swwapnil Joshi’s bappa- small silver murti with simple decoration and selfie with his family.
  • Suyash Tilak’s Bappa- his sweet and simple bappa fully decorated with bappa’s favorite red and orange shoe flower.
  • Lata Mangeshkar- Lata didi’s bappa and decoration as sweet and pure as her voice.
  • Madhuri Dixit- Most beautiful actress Madhuri’s bappa sat on wooden table decoration.
  • Shashank Ketkar– Shashank gave a royal Mahaal look to his bappa’s decoration.
  • Aadesh & Suchitra Bandekar- this cute couple have large size murti at home with orchid flowers decoration and durva at bappa’s place.
  • Devdutta Nage- Everyones favourite Khanderay brings bappa’s murti just same as Khandoba.
  • Ketaki Mategaonkar & Kranti Redkar- at one moment we felt ketaki and Kranti’s bappa looking at us from their selfie.
  • Kedar Shinde- Large murti with fully decorated with orchid flowers.
  • Sharad Kelkar- Most sweet, simple and beautiful bappa and decoration.