Paragraph on National Library in India

The National library serves as a permanent repository of all reading and information material produced in India as well as printed material written by Indians and concerning India written by foreigners, where-ever published and in whatever language. Under the Delivery of Books Act, the National Library is entitled to receive one copy of each publication published in the country. Throughout the year, it renders multi-faceted services and text ends different types of bibliographical and personal assistance to numerous readers and scholars. One of the major activities of the library is to assist various institutions, ministries/departments, national and international organizations by supplying information required by them.

The Central Reference Library, Calcutta, is responsible for the compilation, publication and sale    Indian National Bibliography. This is a monthly/annual bibliography containing the entries of the Current Indian Publications in major Indian languages and in English received under the Delivery of Books Act, 1954.

The Delhi Public Library, which was established in 1951 with financial and technical assistance from the UNESCO, has since developed into a big metropolitan public library system.

Under the Delivery of Books and Newspapers (Public Libraries) Act, 1954, four libraries are entitled to receive a copy of every new book and magazine published in the country. These are the National Library, Calcutta Central Library, Bombay Connemara Public Library, Madras and Delhi Public Library, Delhi.