Paisa Paisa Trailer: An action thriller starring Sachit and Spruha

Paisa Paisa a thriller starring Sachit Patil and Spruha Joshi will be releasing on 13 May 2016. The trailer for this film has been released recently. The trailer gives us glimpses into this suspense thriller. The film revolves around a character kidnapped and the ransom is set for mere Ten Thousand rupees for some reason. How and when this ransom will be paid and what happens next will be seen in this film.
The film has been directed by Joji Raechal Job and produced by Shiv Vilas Chaurasiya. Sachit Patil and Spruha Joshi plays role of a middle-class couple. Spruha’s look is of a typical housewife. Sachit looks very handsome in the spectacles.
As the film is a suspense thriller, the trailer does not give much about the film, but the pace of the story has to be good. As the trailer says that this is a race against time, the trailer shows very fast-paced action and crisp editing. We hope the film matched to the expectation created by the trailer.