Overview of Engineering Industry in India

What is Engineering Industry? The industry that produces a wide ranges of heavy and light machines and its associated steel products is called engineering industry. It productions cover machines, engines, cars,  agricultural and mining machines, etc.

Classification: Engineering industry can be classified into various types depending upon shape and size of the products, the amount of raw materials used, the amount of capital invested, and number of labors engaged:

There are three types of Engineering Industries mainly developed in India:

  1. Heavy Mechanical Engineering,
  2. Light Mechanical Engineering,
  3. Electrical Engineering Industry.

1. Heavy Mechanical Engineering Industry: Heavy Engineering industries produce giant machines for large scale manufacturing industries. It includes light, medium and heavy structural steel castings, paper and tubes, steel wires, structural fabrication, machine tools, industrial machinery, coal mining machinery, sugar machinery, cement and paper machinery, chemical machine, conveyors, air-condition and refrigeration machinery, drilling equipment, dairy machinery, different types of agricultural machinery, filtration equipment, plants for asbestos and cement, rubber processing, gas producer plants, foundry equipment, biscuit and bread making machinery, tobacco processing machinery, photo-copying equipment, surgical and hospital equipment etc. It also includes automobile, locomotive, ship and aircraft manufacturing industries.

2. Light Mechanical Engineering industry includes: Razor-blades, typewriting machines, rubber transmission and conveyor belting, balls and roller, bearings, by-cycles, sewing machines, herricanes and lanterns, watches and clocks, grinding wheels, tools and nuts.

3. Electrical Engineering industry includes: Heavy Electrical equipment, electric transformers, turbines, generators, electrical motors, electric lamps, electric fans, radio receivers, storage batteries, dry cells, domestic refrigerators and room air conditioners.

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