Oil and Gas Pipelines in India

The Oil and Natural Gas Commission and the Indian Oil Corporation jointly own and operate the following pipelines for the transport of gas, crude oil and petroleum products:

Ankleshwar: Koyali (oil line)
Ankleshwar: Uttaran (gas line)
Ankleshar: Baroda (gas line)
Cambay (Khambhat): Dhuvaran (gas line)
Lakwa: Moran (oil line)
Sobhasan: North Kadi (oil line)
Sobhasan: North Kadi – Kalol (oil line)
Sobhasan: Dudhsagar Dairy – Mehsana (gas line)
Navagam: Calico (gas line)
Kalol – Navagam: Koyali (oil line)
Kalol – IFFCO (low pressure gas line)
Kalol – IFFCO (high pressure gas line)
Sanand – Kalol (oil line)
Sanand – Kalol (gas line)
The construction work on the Salaya-Viramgam-Koyali-Mathura oil pipeline is in progress. The design details for the Salaya terminal were prepared by the pipeline technologist from the Netherlands.

The Indian Oil Corporation operates the following product pipelines:

Barauni – Kanpur
Guwahati – Siliguri
Haldia – Mourigram – Rajbandh
Barauni – Haldia
Koyali – Ahmedabad