Nimrat Kaur Finally Speaks On Dating Ravi Shastri. We Loved Her Tweet

Ravi Shastri is trending all over. Well, since morning, there were many rumors about Ravi Shastri dating actress Nimrat Kaur.

We all thought that we are going to see a Cric-Bolly Jodi soon, but the reality is something else. Ravi Shastri and Nimrat were spotted together in many places and this led to us believing the news reports to be true.

The reports spread like wild fire and were seen all over the internet. However, Nimrat Kaur has finally broken silence on the same.

She took to Twitter to clarify that it was just a rumor. Nimrat posted a cryptic tweet on her Twitter handle and termed it as nothing but ‘FICTION’. Here’s that tweet;

The tweet read, ‘Fact: I may need a root canal. Fiction: Everything else I read about me today. More facts: Fiction can be more hurtful, monday blues exist and I love ice cream. Here’s to trash free happy days ahead✌✨’

Many pics of Nimrat and Shastri were circulated over the social media; they had even done promotions of automobile brands together, which made their fans curious.

Now that Nimrat has clarified, we hope people won’t spread the news further. God knows who spreads such things. We had earlier too covered this article, but were waiting for authenticity of the same.

Well done Nimrat, your one tweet is enough to answer rumor-spreaders.