Nature wise Urmila Kothare and Mango Dolly both are similar

Guru loves Mango Dolly ice cream that’s why he called his love by his favorite ice cream name ‘Mango Dolly’. ‘Guru’ is an upcoming Marathi movie directed by Sanjay Jadhav and produced by Eros International, Bagpiper Soda and Dreaming Twenty Four Seven. Ankush Chaudhari is playing the role of Guru in this movie and Actress Urmila Kanetkar playing the character of Mango Dolly who is love of Guru. Guru movie is releasing on 22nd January 2016.
Here we get special hint of Mango Dolly’s character from the conversation we had with the Actress Urmila Kothare-Kanetkarherself.
Explain the character of Mango Dolly from Guru Movie.

Mango Dolly is shy but at the same time she is a dashing character that laughs while talking and eats while laughing.  She is having all filmy adaa. Thus this is a full of joy character.
Do Mango Dolly and Urmila Kanetkar have the same personality?

Mango Dolly’s character inspired by myself (Laughs). Mango Dolly is similar to my nature, look wise we are different but nature wise we both are similar. I am also sensitive.
Tell us special adaa of Mango Dolly.

She is colorful in her dressing & nature and she is multitalented.
Urmila-Kothare-Kanitkar-As-Mango-Dolly-GuruTill now you have played all your characters in sober and light make-up but now how you feel with colorful-bright-different make-up?

This is new experiment for me. We cannot always present ourselves in this bright make-up and colorful costumes; but everybody wants to be such colorful at some time. I got this chance by playing the Mango Dolly Character.
What are your first expressions when you got a script of Guru?

I have never played this type of character before in my any movies so I was excited with the colors of this character and beauty from inside and outside.
How you feel working with director Sanjay Jadhav after Duniyadari and Pyar Wali Love Story?

This character is different from my all earlier characters. But Sanjay Dada believed in me and after Duniyadari and Pyar Wali Love Story, again it was great experience working with SanjayDada.