Minerals Resources in Gujarat

Gujarat is rich in mineral resources, especially in petroleum.  The major mineral resources of Gujarat are natural gas, limestone, manganese, baux­ite, china-clay fire-clay, calcite, dolomite, fluorspar, gypsum, bentonite, quartz, silica sand, and steatite.

Good quality of limestone is quarried in certain parts of Saurashtra,, Lakhpat, Kheda and in Banaskantha districts of Gujarat

Manganese ore is mined at Panch Mahal districts.

Bauxite is mined at Junagarh, Jamnagar, and Kachchha. It is also raised in Kheda district.

High grade fluorspar occurs at Vadodara district. Ahmedabad has the rich deposit of fluorspar.

Calcite deposits occur in Amreli, Bhavnagar, Rajkot, Junagarh and Jamnagar district.

Lignite is found at Pandhro and Akiromto areas of Kachchha. The Gujarat Minerals Development Corporation has launched the lignite mining product at Panadhro.

Fire clay is available at Bhavnagar, Junagarh, Rajkot, Sabarkantha and Surendranagar.

China-clay occurs at Mahesana, Sabarkantha.

Bentonite deposits occur at Bhavnagar and Kachha.

Steatite is found at Bhavnagar. Gujarat is leading salt producing state in India. The state produces more than half of the total production in India.

Gujarat is rich in mineral oil. The  mineral oil is found at Ankleswar, Khambat and Kalol areas. The first oil strike was making near village Lunez. Oil is also found at Nawgam, Sanand Kadi, Aliabet, Gandhar and Badswer. Khamba gas field produces about 5 lakhs cubic metric gas per day.

Naturally, the oil refinery and petrochemicals industries are situated here at Jawaharnagar, Dwaraka, Kayali, Sevilia, Sikka Digvijay etc. Raw Material, facilities for transport and communication, Cheap Electricity, Capital, Labour, State patronage and nearness to the sea, and wide market have contributed for the development of petrochemical industries in the  state of Gujarat.