#MeToo Will Lead People To Think In A Positive Way

I too shall not be sacrificed,

My prestige is my ornament,

I wear my pride as an attire

If at all, I lose all of these, I am Disguised!

-A Voice

The #MeToo campaign was initiated in Hollywood in 2017. It dealt with the allegations of rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment against the film executive Harvey Weinstein and that he silenced all those women by giving them a handsome amount of money. Later the campaign picked up and many women came out with their #MeToo stories. The #MeToo is not just a hashtag trending on Twitter, Instagram but a lead taken by many feminists and journalists, making it a remarkable campaign to implement actions against sexual offences.

India being charged with one of the most unsafe countries, is working on the arrival of the #MeToo campaign, though no noteworthy actions can be seen by the Ministry of Women and child development. Though women are raising their voices against the brutal practices and bravely come out with personal and related sexual abuse at workplace, but their FIR’s are just stacked, pile by pile. Recently, Tanushree Dutta, an actress turned quasi feminist alleged that Nana Patekar misbehaved with her while filming a special song for ‘Horn Ok please’ in 2008, and spiced up the interview with other similar cases in the Industry. But this type of social misconduct is barely getting stopped. Who shall stop the spoilt brats from turning good? Not even the system is good at it, because the system itself is a corrupt body.

#MeToo is not just being raised and steamed on the social media platforms, but charging booming comedians of AIB on the particular front, of sexual harassment. But who shall give a damn to what a woman says? If at all, she cries, Men have to provide them with their empty shoulders or else lend them a neat and crisply folded handkerchief. Well, the point is CEO Tanmay Bhat also stepped away from his role as a gentleman. But this is nothing as such new in the Industry, sexual misconduct is just another way to use women, use them as an asset, show them the nonconstructive ladder of success and keep them happy because money can buy them their lost prestige.

But if we talk in a generic way, about the cases of rape, sexual torture, misbehave etc apart from this glamour world, hardly any relevant justice is given. All such cases are generated on a daily basis as if no other news, can be circulated. If we consider the famous Nirbhaya case, Kathua case, justice was granted in years. So who shall grant justice to the women who are getting sexually assaulted at the daily basis. The system has got lots of work to do? Ain’t true! Moreover, Maneka Gandhi who is sworn in as the head of the Ministry of Women and child development can just provide with justice in small packages, because an outburst of justice is definitely an impossible task for a country as such ours.

Hence, a corrupt system, the unconcerned union should at least open up all those files and cases, those are dumped in some corner of the infrastructure. The system should at least listen to what a women says against such offensive practices because a women is to be preserved in the eyes of the society. She is to be adorned with freedom and pride so that she can bring the same prestige to her country.

I hope #MeToo shall lead in globally changing the perspective of people in a positive way.