Message of Guru Nanak Dev – Indian Mythology

Message of Guru Nanak Dev

Guru Nanak Dev used to go from place to place to preach brotherhood, peace and oneness of God. He guided many people to follow the path of truth. Thus he had many disciples and devotees from all the communities. Guru Nanak Dev preached brotherhood amongst people. When he came to know that he was going to leave this world, he appointed his disciple, Bhai Lahna, as his successor. He gave him the name of Guru Angad Dev.

After the death of Guru Nanak Dev his Hindu and Muslim devotees got into an argument. The Hindus wanted to cremate his body. On the other hand, the Muslims insisted that his body must be buried. One whole day went by in this argument as each one of them felt that he was one of them.

On the second day, the disciples and devotees went to the place where Guru Nanak Dev’s body was lying. They pulled the cloth that covered his body. They saw that Guru Nanak Dev’s body was not there. All of them were surprised to find the body missing. Instead of his body there were many flowers lying there. Thus, the devotees received their last message from Guru Nanak Dev that everyone was the same. The flowers were then distributed amongst the devotees. All the devotees received the flowers respectfully.