Mehrgarh Civilization

Mehrgarh lies at the foot of the major highway down the Bolan Pass and has produced, from its earliest levels, stone and shells originating in very distant region. This civilization has been said to have originated from 7000 B.C. and hence much earlier than the so called Indus culture.

We still lack details on the distribution of mild ancestors of the plant and animal domesticates of Mehrgarh in the frontier region. Cattle and sheep herds were bred. As wild grasses the wheat, at least, grew at appreciable distances from the site. Specialized craft areas are attested in Mehrgarh as early as the fifth millennium, but these are principally open area, and are not located within closed blocks of rooms and courtyards.

Although details are lacking, the importance of Mehrgarh civilization lies there as a prices of historical evolution. Hence thanks to the long occupation and strategic sequence of Mehrgarh and its art factual correlations with other sites, in Baluchistan and Sind, we have for the north-western region a continuous archaeological progression from the beginning of the village economy to the threshold of the Harappan Civilizations.

But it is not quite clear how and why this urban civilization took its particular forms. This is simply because the general laws of history and anthropology tell us urbanism is not possible without a state level of political organization.