‘Manus Ek Maati’ a Profound Film about Fatherhood!

Currently different subjects & content are being made in Marathi Cinema. ‘Manus Ek Maati’ is one such unique film. Set to release on 24th March, the content of this film is just as profound as the title of the film. Even if it’s true that all human beings ultimately end up being one with the mud, but what if a person’s life turns into mud while he is still alive?

Many times we have seen films made on the greatness of a ‘Mother’, but seldom do we see a film that emphasizes the importance & greatness of a ‘Father’. ‘Manus EkMaati’ is a film that focuses on the sacrifices & hardships that a father goes through. Hence, ‘Manus Ek Maati’ is a film that should be watched by the whole family together.
Sharda Vijaykumar Kharat, the producer who believed in this subject decided to make this film under the ‘Shivam Entertainment India Ltd.’ banner along with co-producers Dr. Vijaykumar Kharat, Dilip Nimbekar & executive producer Deva Pande.

The film stars the highly energetic Siddharth Jadhav, Ganesh Yadav (in the father’s role), Ruchita Jadhav, Swapnil Rajshekhar, Harsha Gupte, Dr. Vilas Ujavne, Varad Chavan, Kishore Mahabole & Jagannath Nivangune. The lyrics & compositions for Manus Ek Maati’s songs are credited to Prashant Hedao& are sung by popular singers like Adarsh Shinde, Swapnil Bandodkar, Dr.Neha Rajpal, Bela Shende, Sheena Arora & P Ganesh.