Major Sources of Power Generation in India

The types of Powers generated in India are :

  • Thermal Power
  • Atomic Power
  • Hydel Power
  • Wind Power
  • Solar Power
  • Bio-gas Power
  • Urban Waste Energy
  • Geo-thermal Power.

The major Source of Power Generation in India

  • Coal, Natural Oil (Diesel Oil), Gas  are the sources for Thermal Power generation.
  • Atomic Minerals are the sources for Atomic Power generation.
  • Water is the source for Hydel Power generation.
  • Wind is the source for  Wind Energy generation.
  • Sun is the source of Solar energy.
  • Wood is used as  Fuel and energy.
  • Bio Gas is used for  Bio Gas based energy
  • Urban Waste – Urban waste energy
  • Waves for Waves or tidal Power generation.
  • Geo-thermal Sources for Geo-thermal en­ergy production.

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