Maham Anga (Foster Mother of Akbar)

Maham Anga was the foster mother and chief nurse of Mughal Emperor Akbar. The biological mother of Akbar was Hamida Banu Begum. On her absence it was Maham Anga who took care of Akbar as her child.

After the death of Bairam Khan, Maham Anga was acting as the regent of the Mughal Empire. She was the head of Imperial Harem of Mughal Empire. Her reign is famous in Mughal history as Petticoat Government.

Maham Anga possessed high authority. She was one of the most important personalities in the Mughal Court.

Akbar could not work in the affairs of the administration and there was interference from Maham Anga and her son, Adham Khan. Akbar wanted to free himself from the harem party.

In 1561, Mughal Emperor Akbar appointed his foster-father Shams-ud-din Atga Khan as his Prime Minister. The harem party, particularly Maham Anga and her son Adham Khan were extremely angry. The high-handedness of Adham Khan began to exceed all bounds of toleration. On May 16, 1562, Adham Khan stabbed Atga Khan to death while he was attending his official duties. Adham Khan even tried to threaten Akbar. Adham Khan was captured and killed on the orders of Akbar. After the death of Adham Khan, Akbar himself communicated the incident to Maham Anga and she replied that Akbar had done well.

Maham Anga was full of sorrow at the loss of his son. Maham Anga died in 1562 soon after the death of Adham Khan.

Akbar had built a tomb for Maham Anga and her son. The tomb is known as Tomb of Adham Khan.