Lord Brahma’s Instructions – Stories of Lord Brahma

Lord Brahma, the Creator, had three classes of children— gods, men and demons. All of these classes of Brahma’s Children were always trying to gain control on the whole creation. Thus there were frequent wars and battles between the demons and the gods. Every time when the gods won the baffles there was, peace and religious yagyas on Earth. But when the demons won a battle, hatred, famine, drought and chaos reigned on earth. As a result, there used to be chaos in all the three worlds, Heaven where gods dwelt, Earth where men resided and the place where the demons stayed.

One day Lord Brahma was very sad to see that there was no solution to this chaos, so Brahma decided to instruct them. So Lord Brahma shouted in a loud voice which only said “Da!”

The gods, the men and the demons all three heard it and went to Lord Brahma to find what it meant.

Lord Brahma said to the gods, ‘Da, can you tell me what I mean to tell you through this one word?”

The Gods said, “Da means `Damyata’ that is ‘restraint.’ We are always enjoying heavenly pleasures and are taken unaware by demonic attacks. So Da means that we must control our sensual enjoyment.”

“Yes, you have very well understood what I mean said Lord Brahma.”Now, men, do you know what I meant by Da?”

The men said, “0 Lord! To us Da means ‘dana’ which is giving in charity. You have taught us to give up our greedy nature. We will give everything that does not belong to us in charity.”

“Sons, you too have understood correctly. You may leave now,” said Lord Brahma. Then the demons stepped forward.

“What has Da meant to you?” Lord Brahma asked the demons.

The demons said, “Da means Dayadhvam’ which is mercy only.”

“Yes, from now onwards you should not kill, destroy, or demolish all that comes in your way.

But, the evil hearted demons left without taking his full instructions. It was because the demons did not want to stop fighting with the gods.

Till date Lord Brahma’s instruction is heard as the loud ‘Da’ in the thunder. His voice always reminds us of our duties.