List of Dams and Barrages in India with River

List of Dams and Barrage in India with River

Dams and Barrages are artificially barriers that are created to hold back water or to prevent flood. The water is generally stored in a reservoir.

The water that is stored is used for various purposes including irrigation, water supply, power-generation, etc. Barrages are also created to divert the flow of water.

The list of state-wise important dams and barrages in India along the states of Jharkhand, West Bengal, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Kerela, etc. are given below:

1. Dam and Barrages in Jharkhand

  • Tilaiya  dam on Barakar river
  • Maithon dam on Barakar river
  • Belpahari dam on Barakar river
  • Panchet dam on Damodar river
  • Massanjore dam (Canada dam) on Mayukrakshi river
  • Konar dam on Konar river
  • Bokaro barrage on Bokaro river

2. Dam and Barrages in West Bengal

    • Durgapur Barrage on River Damodar
    • Farakka Barrage on River Ganges
    • Tilpara barrage on River Mayurakshi
    • Jaldhaka Barrage on Jaldhaka river
    • Tista Barrage on Tista river
    • Maithon and Panchet Dam on River Damodar

3.Dams and Barrages in Odisha (formerly Orissa)

  • Hirakud dam on river Mahanadi
  • Naraj barrage on river Mahanadi
  • Tikapara on river Mahanadi
  • Mandira Dam on River Sankh

4. Dams and Barrages in Andhra Pradesh

  • Nagarjuna Sagar on river Krishna
  • Prakasham Barrage on river Krishna
  • Nizam Sagar on river Godavari (now in Telangana)
  • Rampad Sagar on Godavari
  • Srisailam Dam on river Krishna

5. Dams and Barrages in Karnataka

  • Nagarjun Sagar on Krishna river
  • Saravati on Saravati river
  • Tunga Bhadra on  Tunga Bhadra

6. Dam in Madhya Pradesh

  • Jawahar Sagar  Dam on Chamabal river

7. Dams in Rajasthan

  • Ranapratap Sagar dam on Chamabal river

8. Dams in Tamil Nadu

  • Mettur dam on Kavery river

9. Dams in Himachal Pradesh

  • Bhakra dam on Sutlej river
  • Govinda Sagar dam on Sutlej river

10. Dams in Punjab

  • Nangal on Sutlej river
  • Ranjit Sagar Dam on river Ravi
  • Pong on river Beas

11. Dams in Uttar Pradesh

  • Govind Ballabh Pant Sagar on Rihand river

12. Dams in Kerala

  • Idukki on Periyar river