How was the life of Women in Ancient India ?

The life and status of Women in Ancient India was quite high. Women were looked upon with high regard during the Rig Vedic period.

The system of Purdha was probably there. The terms abarodh, antapura shows that the women of higher classes were kept in privacy.

Even during the time of hunting the king was surrounded by armed women, who were also employed for espionage. They were also engaged by the state to spy on the enemy.

They took part in administrative activities of the state. In public functions the courteous accompanied the king.

They participated in religious and social activities.

Offences against women were severely punished.

Eight kinds of marriage were in vogue, four of which were regular. Marriage was used to take part within the caste. Widow remarriage was not in practice. In the absence of a male child the men could remarry. Polygamy was in vogue.