Life of Mass-Casualty Victims Saved by BVG 108 Ambulance Staff

A luxury bus on Ahmednagar-Aurangabad Highway carrying around 50 passengers met with an accident. This mass casualty incident occurred on the morning of April 19, 2019 at around 7 am in the morning.
When the bus carrying around 50 passengers reached busy Pandhripul Chaufula area, the driver lost the control and the bus collide on the divider. The spot where this accident occurred is declared as the Accidental Area and drivers are advised to be more careful.
Passerby called 108 ambulance for immediate help. There was not information of an exact number of injured so without wasting time, 3 well-equipped ambulances were rushed to the spot immediately by 108 Helpline Service Officer.
On reaching the spot, EMSO took the severely injured patients into the ambulance and initiated Emergency Treatment and rushed to the nearby Ahmednagar District Hospital. Those who needed primary treatment were treated on the spot.