Kushal Badrike’s ‘Anubhava che Bol’ Goes Viral!

Many of the times celebrities & stars use social media as a tool of advertising or promoting their films or other works. Very few artists (especially actors) use it to just entertain their fans without any inhibitions. One such actor is our very own Kushal Badrike. Apart from entertaining us through ‘Chala Hawa Yeu Dya’ Kushal also connected with us on more personal grounds through his web series ‘Struggler Saala’.

And now Kushal has posted a series of videos titled ‘Anubhava che Bol’ on his Facebook account. On 30th Jan he posted a little funny piece in which his wife hits him with a book when he tries to give her a philosophy lesson & then followed it by a video with none other than Bhau Kadam. In this video he poked Umesh Kamat (about his 8 pack abs) & Priya Bapat in a fun way.

The third video in this series starred Kushal’s little son. And it’s the best of the lot. Little Kushal Badrike made fun of his father for wearing a T-Shirt that has photos of ‘Aeroplanes’! Of course how can a person wear a T-Shirt of ‘Aeroplane’ if he has never flew one!