Krishna Janmala: a festive song from Kanha

 is getting ready for the Gokul ashtami release. The new song Krishna Janmala goes very well with the title of the film. The song is composed and sung by Avadhoot Gupte. The female part has been sung by Sonu Kakkar and Vaishali Samant.
The song has an upbeat dandiya feel to it and narrates the story of Lord Krishna’s birth. The song has been picturized on Vaibhav Tattwavadi and Gauri Nalawade. The highlight of the song is Umesh Jadhav’s choreography. It has very good use of the traditional Dandiya steps with a modern twist.  His dance movements are very energetic yet the slow pace of the song is not lost. The song surely has a tremendous Dahi Handi and Navaratri appeal.
Kanha, a film directed by Avadhoot Gupte is about a Dahi Handi group and stars Vaibhav Tattvavadi and Gashemeer Mahajani in the lead roles. The film will be releasing on 26 August all over Maharashtra.