King Porus

King Porus was the ruler of Kingdom of Paurava in Ancient India. The kingdom is located between Chenab and Jhelum River at Punjab. It is believed that King Porus reigned from 340 B.C to 317 B.C.

King Porus fought with the Macedonian army of Alexander the Great in the Battle of Hydaspes.

Alexander sent an envoy from Taxila to King Porus asking his submission. But Porus gave a defiant reply that he was prepared to meet him at the frontier of his kingdom and in arms.

King Porus was dismayed to see the humiliating surrender of his fellow Indian kings, to the Macedonian invader, without resistance. With undaunted spirit, he decided to try his steel against the invader.

King Porus displayed the feeling of resentment against a foreign invader, and the decision to embrace death with honour and justice than to surrender without resistance to an outlandish conqueror.

Though the army of King Porus was large and capable, the monsoon had an adverse impact. The chariots of their army became out of use to to rain and mud. The bowmen could not aim correctly.

The Indians under the leadership of Porus displayed unmatched bravery but the Macedonians proved to be superior. King Porus was injured during the battle. The army of King Porus was defeated and he was forced to surrender.

Alexander being full of admiration for him wanted to know the treatment Porus wished to receive from him. Porus gave the gallant reply, “Treat me as a king.”

Alexander reinstated him as a friend and vassal not only in his own kingdom but in addition he granted him additional territories of the republican tribes and several villages.

Though King Porus was defeated in the battle but it caused the most severe losses to the army of Alexander. The bravery displayed by King Porus is still respected as one to the greatest heroes of all times in Indian History.