Kanika Trailer: Sharp, To the Point & Gruesome!

Many a times, a trailer is an underrated tool in terms of film promotion or marketing especially for horror/thriller films. The trailer of upcoming Marathi film ‘Kanika’ starring Sharad Ponkshe in the lead is one such well-crafted trailer.
It introduces us to the basic plot of the film & what the film is about. But more importantly it gives us the perfect indication of what we should expect from the film. The length of this trailer is well timed & doesn’t give any secret! What the trailer also tempts us through an actor of Sharad Ponkshe’s caliber! He seems to have given a great performance here.
The ending voice over of ‘whether you believe in ghosts or not?’ adds more to the horror element that is reflected in this trailer. Even though Marathi literature has a great tradition of horror stories not often have we seen good horror movies in Marathi.
Hopefully ‘Kanika’ would turn out an exception & all the Marathi horror lovers would finally get the film they deserve. ‘Kanika’ hits theatres from 31st March, so make sure you give it a try!