Is Hockey India’s National Game? No !

In school we have been taught that ‘Hockey’ is India’s national game but today it is understood that it isn’t official.

Orrisa Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has a written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi over giving a ‘National Game’ status to Hockey.

The preparations are in full swing as Orrisa is to host the Hockey World Cup in November this year.

Patnaik said,”While reviewing preparations for the World Cup, I was greatly surprised to learn that the sport we have loved as our national game has never been officially notified.”

Pitching #HockeyForNationalGame, The Orrisa CM tweeted,”Hockey is part of Indian psyche. Cutting across rural, urban divide, it is hugely popular. In tribal areas of Odisha & Jharkhand, hockey is a way of life. Crores of Indians rejoice everytime our team wins and National Anthem is played at medal podium.”

In his letter his wrote that Hockey has always brought India’s proudest moments. He mentioned the 1948 Olympic gold medal as poetic justice as India defeated her colonisers, England.

Patnaik urges Modi that Hockey truely deserves to be notified as a National Game and he asserts that it would be a fitting tribute to our great players and will surely inspire youngsters.


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