Important Multipurpose River Projects in India

The important multi-purpose river projects in India are helping the Ganga, Orissa and the Punjab, such as

  1. Bhakra-Nangal Projects
  2. Hirakud Dam Projects
  3. Mayurakshi Project

Bhakra Nangal Multipurpose River Project

This multi-purpose project has been undertaken for the welfare of Punjab, Hariyana, U.P., Delhi, and the Northern parts of Rajasthan. It is India’s biggest multipurpose project. Two dams have been constructed across the Sutlej River, one at Nangal and the other at Bhakra.

The Bhakra dam, one of the highest gravity dams in the world, has been constructed across a gorge in the Himalayas. It is 518 m. long and 226 m. high. The water of the Sutlej had to be diverted into two other gorges for the construction of the dam. The reservoir is known as Govindasagar. Two hydel­ power stations have been set up at Bhakra dam.

The dam at Nangal is 29 m. high, from this dam, a high level canal, 64 km. long, has been constructed for the purpose of irrigation. Two hydel ­power stations have been, set up at Ganguwal and Kotla on the canal.

The Bhakra canal 4,464 km. long, irrigate an area of about 2.74 million hectares in Punjab, Hariyana and Rajasthan.

Mahanadi River Project

A dam across Mahanadi River has been completed at Hirakud. The dam 4,801 meter long is the longest darn in the world. Three canals from this dam irrigate 2.54 lakhs hectares of land. Besides, another 6.51 lakhs hectares are being irrigated in the Mahanadi delta with the help of weirs. It also offers facilities for navigation and development of power. Two dams constructed across this river, one at Tikkiapara and the other at Naraj, are generating hydro-electricity.

Mayurakshi River Project

The Mor or Mayurakshi Project is in West Bengal. A dam has been constructed at Massanjore in Santhal Parganas in Bihar and a barrage at Tilpara in Birbhum in West Bengal. The Dam at Massanjore is known as the ‘Canada Dam’. 4 mw of power is generated from the Dam. Canals from the Tilpara barrage irrigated 2.15 lakhs hectares in West Bengal. The Canada Dam site although in Bihar belongs to West Bengal also.

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