Importance of Religion in Politics

Importance of Religion in Politics

Religion plays an important role in Indian Politics. Religion and Politics co-exists in India. Religion can guide a politician but a politician biased in favor of one religion, can never be good for all. A politician is the representative of the general people of India, and he use the spirit of religion to promote communal harmony.

The spirit of religion is an inner revelation, but politics leads to rights of the people. Religion is not opposed to science. Science is the search for knowledge’s, religion is the search for truth. Science cannot utter anything after death, while religion speaks out about salvation, life after death etc. Religion at least binds us with sow duties to perform.

Religion is the human recognition of super human controlling power. Such recognition of super human controlling power has an effect on conduct and mental attitude of human beings. The belief in religion is a belief in the supernatural being, which, it is thought, is the creator and destroyer of all living things and beings.

At the very dawn of human civilization, as followed in “The discovery of India” by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, man was very much helpless before the dreadful natural calamities. But ultimately, applying reason and powers of explanation, he imagined the idea of supreme God and the theory of creation and destruction. So, religion appeared as a natural consequence of man’s desire to know.

In the present day world our earth is flooded with religious preachers, Hinduism, Christianity, Mohammedanism, Buddhism, Sikhism and the like all have millions of supporters to spread the inner meaning of then own issues which have given birth to different systems of faith and worship But basically all religions are the same and lead to the path of God. Since, religion has an important place in Politics, these religious preachers should guide their followers for communal harmony.

Religion, sometimes being falsely interpreted, may cause harm to men in the form of superstition. It sometimes breeds religious fanaticism and religious intolerance and hence is far away from the path of truth and God.

Religion teaches us honesty, truthfulness, tolerance, simplicity, kindness and love for all. A religious man is nearer to God, showing no malice anyone. Thus religion has a great role in our social life, teaching ideals of serving men.

It is the duty of the Politicians to remain unbaised and maintain communal Harmony.