Importance of National Integration In India

There is immense importance of national integration India. Integration means combination of parts into a whole. India is a country consisting of a number of regions. If the regions remain united there will be no problem.

Unity in diversity is the motto of Indian life and culture. A wide range of diversity in dress, language, culture, food and manner can be easily noticed among the people of different states of India. Though the people of India from different states of India are different in their manners and ways of living, they are aware of the importance of National Integration.

At present our National life and unity have been broken into pieces by various divisive forces of communalism, racism, provincialism and religious fanaticism etc. As a result tension and ill feeling, murder and arson, riot and disturbance occur. Hindu-Muslim riot, Hindu-Sikh riot and fights within the same religious community have blackened the face of India. It is a bad sign that regional sentiments and provincialism have gained root in political scene. There is a cry in Kashmir, Darjeeling, Assam, Tripura and many North Eastern States for a separate identity. The anti-nationals create a reign of terror by blasting bombs, kidnapping and murdering the leaders and even the innocent, people.

Certain measures are necessary for national integration in India.

The banners, posters, slogans, lectures are not the remedies of this dreadful malady. It is important to study the problems, their causes and we must be sincere to remove them without causing any hurt to our national feeling.

The light of education should be wide spread to remove the evils of illiteracy, ignorance, superstition and selfishness. Movement of people form one region to another should he encouraged along with inter-­communal marriage. No language should be imposed on those who are unwilling to accept it. Importance of national integration in India should be made known through radio and television, film and drama, songs and cassettes.

A multi-lingual, multi-racial country like India demands greater attention and fullest co-operation on the part of the national leaders to cope with the problems. To defend our democracy, to stop the madding cry of the opportunists, the student community should take an oath at this juncture. Students can play an important role in the keeping up the spirit of national integration. Removal of poverty and casteism, restoration of moral and political sanity are what we essentially need.