Importance of Knowledge in Life

Knowledge simply refers to the condition of knowing something. It is the information, facts, principles, skills and understanding, etc. that is acquired through education and experience.

Knowledge is powerful and important part of Life. Knowledge is a powerful acquisition in life which, when given to someone, does not decrease. Our knowledge is the collective thought and experience of our forefathers, wise men who left behind a rich heritage and wealth of information.

Someone once remarked that while ignorance was the curse of God, knowledge was the important power of wings which carried one to heaven. A famous Sanskrit verse says that an educated person is honored everywhere. The importance of a knowledgeable person is immense. Where-ever he goes he is offered a place of reverence, a scat of authority, and he commands the hearing of everyone present. The power of knowledge lends him such distinction.

It is knowledge that has equipped man with the limitless power with which man dominates over all beings who are physically much stronger than him. Knowledge has significantly helped him to conquer the nature and this conquest has prompted human progress and civilization.

Books and Newspaper being the greatest sources of human knowledge, promote in us the feeling of one world. Literature, philosophy, and history are also great sources of knowledge as they enrich us with the realization of what we actually are.

Man never gets tired of continuing the quest for greater knowledge. His thirst for knowledge is never satisfied. This thirst for knowledge has resulted in many scientific, medical and geographical discoveries. Many people have become scientists. They have invented many scientific apparatus.

Doctors and scientists have contributed a lot for the service of humanity. Doctors have the knowledge of various organs of the body. Many deadly diseases have become curable. A lot of research work is still going in the field of medical science to improve the health of people.

Geographical discoveries have made the world a small place. Man acquired the knowledge of directions and then began their journey to discover new places. Sea routes were discovered between Asia and Europe.

A person who studies history acquires the knowledge of the events of the past. We get information about ancient people, society and kingdoms. Knowledge of history gives us the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of the past.

Every human being has a thrust for knowledge. Knowledge brings power to life. Those who have knowledge are capable of commanding others and ruling the world. But the power that comes from knowledge should be used for the progress of mankind and not be misused. They truly realize that humanity comes with knowledge even as power flows from it. Knowledge plays an important role in  life. Unfortunately in today’s world of strife and unending warfare, the power that is enforced at gun-point is a liability and not an asset.

Unfortunately, however, the power of knowledge is being used by many more and more for destructive purposes. This is undesirable. Let us hope that all human being will understand the power and importance of knowledge in life. Knowledge will promote our zest for life only.