Importance Of Good Manner in Life

Importance Of Good Manner in Life: Manners are an important part of human nature and life. Good manners earns you respect and dignity. Good manners also leads to good habits which leads to both individual growth. Individual growth leads to overall development of the society.

A man of good manners is accepted as an important citizen in the society. He never hurts the feelings of others. When a young man offers his seat to his old fellow passenger or a man waiting calmly for his turn to speak in a group-discussion, he teaches others around him the invaluable lesson of good conduct. A smile or a handshake, a “namaskar” or a “thank you” cost us nothing. Yet we are not courteous enough to apply them. This is the sure sign of ill manners. In fact, the home where a man learns the rudiments of education plays a important role in the cultivation of good manners.

It is a pity to point out that good manners are gradually passing away from the educated young class. They behave rough, rude and imprudent in buses, trains, and public places. They are undisciplined and irregular in schools, colleges and playgrounds etc. They learn the importance of good manners in life and should avoid these rude behaviors in all respects.