Impact of Green Revolution in India

The impact of Green Revolution in India is favourable. Because of the Green Revolution production per hectare increased. Green Revolution in Wheat took place in Punjab, Hariyana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and other states of India. Wheat revolution also took place in West Bengal. Agricultural Revolution took place in other parts of India also. The overall development of agriculture during Five Year Plans is known as green revolution.

Agriculture plays an important role in the economic development of India.

After 1952-53 agriculture has been included in our national planning. Agriculture remains no more the earning of living of the farmers. Government, banks and other institutes, businessmen, industrialist have also taken interest for the development of agriculture.

Because of HYV seeds, fertilizers irrigation water, agricultural machinaries, pesticides, agricultural knowledge of the farmers have brought a remarkable change in the field of agriculture and India became self-sufficient in food-front. This remarkable change in agriculture is technically known as Green Revolution or Agricultural Revolution.