How to improve children’s learning skills through cartoons

“Images speak a lot louder than words” – is something we all already know. That’s exactly what works with cartoons too. In fact, cartoons take the images to another dimension – the movement. Children love to have fun and cartoons are a lot of fun. Learning becomes interesting when there is a lot of fun. From languages to craft and art, cartoons and animations can attract the attention of the children. When you teach children something through cartoons, it always arouses their interest, holds their attention and they tend to grasp quickly.

Cartoons help to develop positive attitude of children

The influence of cartoons in a child’s behavior and attitude is something which is being studied extensively these days. Many advantages have been cited and that’s the reason, most of the educational apps use animations to teach children more effectively. Cartoons can be a great way to develop children’s positive thinking and behavior which is an essential factor at their growing stage. Through cartoons children can learn something very valuable and the entire learning experience turns out to be a lot of fun! See how beautifully the classic story of Hansel and Gretel is told in this cartoon on BabyToonz TV. There’s a lot of positivity and goodness that’s shared through cartoons. Slapstick cartoons like “Rat A Tat”, “Cat and Keet”, “Tom and Jerry” etc show children the positive aspects of friendship, perseverance and happiness. It is important to for the child to stay positive and entertained while also learning such virtues.

Learning Languages through Cartoons

Learning languages by preschoolers or kids can be very easy through cartoons. As cartoons are a set of interactive shows with images and wordings, it will help a child to understand what the story is and how to communicate. The Bed Time stories on BabyToonz TV are a great way to help your child learn English language comfortably. As they keep watching the cartoons in the new language, they will slowly understand what is being told with the help of what is being shown in the cartoon. For example, Chotoonz TV Turkish Cartoons is a cartoon channel in Turkish language and will help to get familiar with Turkish letters. In fact, animated series of cartoons and educational videos will help elder children too.

Imparting Moral Values through Cartoons

Many cartoon shows help children learn moral values in a nice way. Stories with moral and fairy tales of  The Magical Tooth Fairies is a great way to introduce your kids to the good old fairy tales that instill the moral values and helps build confidence in them. Another great series is the Saari series in BabyToonz TV in which small facts are explained in a simple way through musical cartoons. Do you want to teach your child how a Crepe is made? Here’s how! Apart from the stories, you can help the preschoolers to learn some rhymes too.

Learning Nursery Rhymes

Rhymes are a great way to introduce new words to a preschooler. BabyToonz TV has an amazing collection of cartoons and animated videos that can teach your children many nursery rhymes and stories. They can also learn numbers, phonics, gardening and general knowledge through these magical shows. The children never realize they are learning as they enjoy watching and singing along with the animations.

Friendship and Creativity through Cartoons

Further, there are cartoons that encourage children to think. The Happets is  an amazing series that show children how things are done in a simple way. In The Happets, it has a group of friends playing together and learning new things. They learn as they play and explore the places around them. This gives the children a feeling that they are also roaming around with their friends. Children will relate to the The Happets characters as they always have doubts just like them! If they have not thought about anything, watching The Happets, they definitely will. And the best part is that they will also come up with the answer. Here’s an episode when Mumu thinks she’s a bird!

Laugh with Cartoons

It is important for children to laugh too. It makes them feel good and relieves a lot of stress in the school-going kids. Children who have just started going to school may get frustrated having to stay away from home for hours together. They will enjoy watching the funny slapstick comedy cartoons a lot. The Cat and Keet is a series of funny cartoons on Chotoonz TV. Funny cartoons help improve the sense of humor in children.

There’s so much more cartoons could help children and parents with. They tell them stories in a way that hold their interests. The simple, colorful and interactive ways of storytelling are something many children try to imitate too. The more they see these cartoons, the more they start imagining. It makes them more creative. There’s no bound as to what you can try to educate your child through cartoons. From simple day to day activities like brushing the teeth to recognizing the alphabets and listening to rhymes and amazing stories, this visual media has empowered the children to think beyond what they see! It fosters friendships, reinforces the moral values, and shows them a whole new world of animals, birds, fishes and even the space in a very colorful way. It teaches them songs, it teaches them the goodness of eating healthy, it teaches them about the good values and a lot of other good things in life. We believe cartoons are the result of a lot of research, imagination, creativity and hard work that helps the children develop a lot of imagination and creativity. Choose from the amazing cartoons perfect for your children from BabyToonz TV or Chotoonz TV to help them grow happier. Happy children have a lot of fun and learn a lot through fun. And Happy Children makes you happy!