Hiran Minar in Fatehpur Sikri

Hiran Minar is the grand tower was built by Akbar above the remains of his favorite elephant, Hiran.

Hiran Minar served as a point from which mileages were read. If we go through the accounts of Abul Fazl it doubtless served another purpose. He mentions that in camp a lamp was lit on a tall pole, to show travelers the way. Similarly this tower may well have been lit up at night. This kind of light on a pole or tower was and is still called Akash Deep or Heavenly Light. May be, this tower may have served as the Akash Deep of Fatehpur Sikri during Emperor Akbar’s time.

It rises to a height of 80 ft. from the ground floor. It has a surprising design, octagonal at the base, circular in the middle and tapering at the top with a dome crowned capital. The exterior of the walls are covered over with stone imitations of elephant tusks which look like projecting iron spikes from a distance. In the interior is a steep spiral staircase which leads to the summit of the tower. It is possible that formerly the tower was connected with the palaces by means of a covered passage for the ladies of the Imperial harem. From the top of the tower, the ladies used to watch the aquatic sports on the lake, wild beast fights, and Imperial army maneuvers on the plains or wrestling bouts.