Growth of Cotton Textile Industry in Ahmedabad

The black soil of Western India is favourable for cotton Cultivation. Ahmedabad has witnessed growth of large number of Cotton Textile Industries in recent years. The reasons are cited below :

  1. Ahmedabad is situated on the bank of the river Sabarmati and it gets water from it which is used for dying thread.
  2. It is near the Black-Cotton soil region—so it gets raw materials from the neighboring region.
  3. It gets power from the Ahmedabad thermal power station.
  4. It gets cheap and skilled labor from the neighboring region and its adjoining region which is densely populated.
  5. It gets capital from the Gujarat, Sindhi and Bhatra people who are rich and are ready to invest vast sum of money.
  6. Long staple cotton can also be imported through the port Bombay and Kandala from foreign countries.
  7. The products have a wide market inside and outside India. India is a dense populated country. So there is a steady supply of cheap labor required for the industry.
  8. The city is well-connected by means of roadways and railways with other important parts of the country.
  9. Cotton textile research institutes are situated here which are carrying researches for the better production and development of the industries.
  10. The temperate climate of this region is suitable for spinning fine thread.