Grand release of Marathi cinema ‘Ticha Umbartha’

RDX Cinema Company produced “Ticha Umbartha” movie directed by well-known Action Director Ravi Dewan is going to release on 26th February 2016. S TV Network Pvt Ltd who Release Hindi movies and Pickle Entertainment who Release Marathi Movies together going to release this movie which gives us clear idea that this will be grand release all over Maharashtra. This movie is based on famous drama Majha Ghar whose story was written by Jayant Pawar which is a story of sweet relation between Mother in Law & Daughter in Law. It has won many National and International awards.
Director Ravi Dewan when expressing his feeling said, ‘While working in Bollywood when we got a chance to work with Marathi artist we get amazed with their performances. Their caliber of understanding any fight scene or their talent of making that moment suddenly happy or sad made us proud. Because of all these things I had a wish to make Marathi movie and through this movie ‘Ticha Umbartha’ I took that opportunity.’
This movie is woman oriented and it shows story of Vibhawari who is a housewife living in a happily upper-middle class family. Suddenly at one point of time she has to take an important decision. This movie shows how she faces all situations and how she gets out through all the problems.
It has great actors in lead role such as Chinmay Mandlekar,Tejaswini Pandit, Jyoti Chandekar, Harsha Khandeparkar, Suyash Tilak, Tulika Prakash Nikam, Bharat Sharma, Jayant Patekar, Sheetal Shukla, Abhinay Patekar and child artist Aditi Sawant. Nitin Desai did art direction for this movie and well known cameraman from Bollywood Yogesh Jani has done Cinematography. Mukesh is an executive producer and editing was done by Prashant Khedekar & Vinod Naik. Music is given by famous duo Shreyas-Preet and sung by Kavita Seth, Suhas Sawant, Mandar Apte, Jasraj Joshi and Akshata Sawant.