Gholat Ghol play Return to the stage

Farsical comedy, pioneered by late Baban Prabhu is back with bang on Marathi Theater. His immensely popular “Gholaat Ghol” has returned to the theaters after nearly 36 years.
Veteran director Vijay Kenkre, who is mainly known for ‘classy’ plays is trying his hand with this genre after a considerable gap. Most importantly it is Vijay Kenkre’s 51st play as a director.

Veteran actor Ramesh Bhatkar who is known for his intense acting, is essaying a full on comedy role probably for the first time in his over 3 decade career. Audience is used to see Mr. Bhatkar in either character roles or villain roles. However, Mr. Kenkre has a different take. He says, “It has been observed many times that a serious, introvert person can do wonders in comedy roles. We have many examples to prove this.” In this context Ramesh Bhatkar says, “My career started with a comedy play ‘Kaka Kishyacha.’ However, for reasons best known to directors and producers, I never got an opportunity to do comedy, either in films or plays.”
Along with Ramesh Bhatkar, Sanjay Narvekar, Vijay Patwardhan, Hemant Dhome, Rasika Agashe, Rui Pawar and Neha Kulkarni have played important roles, Sets have been designed by Rajan Bhise. The play has been produced by Santosh Shidam’s ‘Malhaar’.