Geographical Condition for Wheat Cultivation

Wheat is the 2nd most important food crop of India. It is the crop of temperate region. In India it is grown in winter. It is more dependent on climate than soil. The geographical condition required for Wheat Cultivation are mentioned below:

1. Temperature: Wheat requires 14° to 18°C temperature. High temperature is harmful for the cultivation of wheat.

2. Rainfall: 50 cm to 100 cm rainfall is required for wheat cultivation. In the primary stage cold moisture rich climate and at the time of harvesting bright hot climate is required.

3. Soil: Fertile alluvial soil or mixed soil is ideal for wheat cultivation.

4. Land: Plain land or gentle slope is ideal for wheat cultivation.

Plenty of labor along with fertilizer, irrigation facilities, HYV seeds like Heera, Moti, RR-8 Kalyan, etc. and mechanized farming are good for wheat production. Uttar Pradesh is the largest producer of wheat following by Punjab, Hariyana, M.P., A.P., T.N. and Bihar.