‘Ganvesh teaser’- Watch it and share it too

Meaning of Ganvesh is Uniform and in this film it is School Uniform. ‘Uniform’ has to be wear in School; students will not be allowed if he is not in uniform. We have those students who are stubborn for fresh and new uniform and we have also those students who wished to wear new uniform. Everyone have their own lookout for Uniform. Here is Marathi movie ‘Ganvesh’ which will be showing a story of school going boy who was selected for Independence Day speech in his school and school required a uniform and the story goes around the situation of that boy and his family.
Vijayate Entertainment presents ‘Ganvesh’ produced and directed by Atul Jagdale. It’s starring Kishor Kadam, Smita Tambe, Dilip Prabhavalkar and Mukta Barve. Story, screenplay and dialogues are written by Tejas Ghadge. Executive producers are Rajendra Kulkarni and Shailendra Ghadge. Art direction by Dnyandeo Indulkar and Rajesh Rao is the Editor. Lyrics penned by Guru Thakur and Nandesh Umap, music composed by Nihar Shembekar and Background music given by Mangesh Dhakde. Urmila Dhangar has sung songs.
Here is most awaited teaser of ‘Ganvesh’. We cannot miss those school days and here you don’t miss the teaser of ‘Ganvesh’. Watch it and share it too because ‘Ganvesh’ word is so close to our heart.