Enthusiastic Civilians Gather For Tree Plantation Drive In Pune

Pune : 

A tree plantation drive was held at the ARAI (The Automotive Research Association of India) hills on Sunday. The annual drive witnessed a participation of approximately 300 enthusiastic civilians.

The event was organised by Mr. Ravi Phadke and an NGO called ACF (Amateur Club Foundation). 1000 trees have been planted on the day, supporting the Maharashtra government’s initiative of planting 13 Crore trees across the state.

Mr. Ravi Phadke is a trained classical singer and the winner of SaReGaMaPa in 2001. He has completed his MBA and is a lecturer at various institutes across Pune. Phadke, along with his friend took upon the tree plantation initiative 10 years ago.

“Ravi had a love for nature since he was a child. His love only deepened and he took it upon himself to conserve the dwindling nature. He started planting trees 10 years ago and later people joined him and today it has become a large community of nature lovers.” says his proud mother.

Phadke, conducts the drive every year, on the first Sunday of July. He has planted trees on Sinhagad, Taljai Hills and ARAI hills in Pune. In his 3rd year, he approached the Forest Department to send him trees for plantation which the department readily agreed and now every year he gets 1000’s of trees for plantation.

Ravi says “Protecting the environment is paramount. We won’t be able to live if we don’t have trees. We won’t get rain and even oxygen if the trees are cut down.”

On quizzed about the chopping of trees taken place due to the Metro in Pune. He says, “There isn’t an alternative to development, but if trees are cut, more of them should be planted.”

The Amateur Club Foundation was also a big part of the event. The foundation was established by Prashant Deore in 2013 for the conservation of wildlife, nature and birds.

Mr. Deore says, “It’s not necessary to put on a uniform or white clothes to serve the nation, even such responsible movements are sufficient if one really cares for his/her country and the world.”

The program wouldn’t have been successful without the volunteers. Pratik Sule, Hrushabh Pant, Shashank Goswani, Rutuja Fulkar were some of them who contributed to the drive.

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