Embrace Sunil Barve & Veena Jamkar in ‘Bandh Reshmache’; Zee Yuva ‘Prem He’

There is no ‘Right Time’ as such for falling in love. People can fall in love at any stage of their lives. Meet Isha & Prasad who are no different. Isha played by Veena Jamkar is a modern day independent woman who has divorced her husband & now she arrives in a new city with her son ‘Advait’! In their life enters a 40-45 year old jolly good unmarried fellow ‘Prasad’ (played by Sunil Barve). Prasad runs a babysitting house! So Isha & Prasad meet through Isha’s son ‘Advait’! At first Isha finds Prasad very childish but then slowly she falls for his full of life personality!

What happens next? Do they keep their feelings to themselves? Or they think about the society & give up their love? All that & more will be revealed on 20th March Monday & 21st March Tuesday at 9 pm!
This story in Zee Yuva’s Prem He is titled ‘Bandh Reshmache’ & is all set to continue the terrific form of this unique limited episodes series based on the universal backdrop of romance & love!

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